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For over 100 years Solé Diesel has been producing professional grade marine engines built on a variety of platforms.  Today the Solé line includes engines built on the Mitsubishi, DEUTZ, and Kubota bases, as well as a complete suite of generators, parts and accessories.

With more than 30 years of experience producing Mitsubishi base engines, Solé Diesel offers a complete range from 16 to 95 HP. Ideal for a wide variety of vessels both recreational and commercial, Mitsubishi based engines are synonymous with reliability, robustness and durability.  These platforms have been applied in a vast variety of industrial and recreational applications with proven success.

Solé Diesel engines on the DEUTZ base include power ranging from 165 to 272 HP. These engines have been specially designed for continuous duty. Thanks to a low RPM rate - the engines produce optimal efficiency with a high power-torque rating while consuming less fuel. These engines are perfectly suitable for displacement boats which require high power rates during long running periods.

Solé Diesel History

Solé Diesel was founded in 1912 by Mr. Enrique Solé Jorba. The company, which is now over 100 years old, is completely consolidated in the marine market with a full lineup of engines, generators and accessories. Nowadays it is managed by the 3rd generation; Mr. Enrique Solé Matas.  All of Solé Diesel’s products are manufactured in Martorell (Barcelona) spain to ensure the highest quality standards possible.  For many years Solé Diesel has kept client satisfaction their highest priority with quick and effective after sales service.

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