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Azimut is where luxury and beauty, safety and elegance, comfort and style all meet. The first thing you notice about the Italian-made Azimut yacht is its beauty. The symmetry, balance, the classically-inspired design denote the thought and care that goes into each and every yacht. Beauty catches attention, but innovation catches imagination. Azimut continually innovates and constantly improves the components, technology and experience of their yachts.

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Magellano Collection - For the pleasure of travelling

This Magellano Collection is for those who seek journeys, not destinations. Those who defy labels, who think a yacht is more than a just a boat. For those who embrace their wanderlust. An interior, crafted for long stays. A longer range, with an innovative Dual Mode hull that effortlessly transitions from displacement to planing modes, ensuring the maximum comfort and control. Bright open spaces to enhance your private view.

Magellano 43

Slender lines, excellent balance, exceptional comfort and unrivaled versatility come together with state-of-the-art technology, materials and components to give you an unmatched experience. The Magellano 43 with flybridge is ideal for long cruises in all conditions. 

Magellano 53

The Magellano 53 is dedicated to those who know the importance of comfort. Built to allow natural light into its spacious, full-height rooms, the Magellano 53 also features high-quality furnishings, wide windows and ample space. 

Magellano 66

The Magellano 66 yacht is for the owner who wants absolute freedom and luxury. High-quality materials, advanced technology and world-class design make the Magellano 66 more than just a yacht.


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