What to Know About Raven Marine Yacht Shipping

What to Know About Raven Marine Yacht Shipping

Raven Marine Yacht Shipping is a leader in global yacht transportation, offering shipping and logistics support from strategic locations around the world. Yacht shipping is a growing industry, one that’s essential to the yacht owners worldwide.

How does yacht shipping work?

Most yachts are shipped on the decks of large cargo ships, and are loaded and unloaded using a variety of methods.

Raven Marine Yacht Shipping’s preferred method of loading is lifting. Yachts are lifted out of the water and lowered onto the cargo ship onto steel cradles, where they’re safely fastened and secured. We work with the specialists at Marine Heavy Lifting Services for each loading and unloading.

Some shippers use cargo ships that can submerge, allowing yachts to be sailed right onto the deck. Once the yachts are secured, the deck is drained and the yachts are fastened into cradles. Smaller yachts are often loaded onto trailers and towed straight onto the decks, or loaded into shipping containers for transport.

Why use yacht shipping services?

Yacht shipping is used by yacht owners, brokers and managers everywhere. There are several reasons that owners and companies choose to use a yacht carrier:

  • Yachts that are older or damaged may be too dangerous to sail
  • Racing yachts often need to be moved to different locations quickly, with as little wear-and-tear as possible
  • When a yacht is bought or sold, it isn’t always feasible to sail it to its destination
  • Shipping a yacht is faster than sailing it, especially for trans-Atlantic or trans-Pacific sailings
  • Owners worried about damage on long voyages may elect to ship instead

What sets Raven Marine Yacht Shipping apart?

Raven Marine is proud to offer a full-range of yacht services, from sales to management to maintenance and care.

When you ship with Raven Marine, we understand that you’re putting a lot of trust in us. That’s why we take great care in ensuring your yacht is taken care of. One of Yacht Shipping’s principal owners is at every loading and unloading. We also have deck space available for yacht owners, forwarders and consolidators, so you can keep track of your yacht throughout the entire voyage.

All loading and unloading is handled by the loadmaster specialists. With a sterling safety record and the experience of over 4000 yacht loadings, they’re the most reliable loadmasters in the business. We use confirmed and fixed sailing schedules. There’s no surprises, no waiting extra weeks or months, and no unexpected costs.

If you’d like to find out more about Raven Marine Yacht Shipping, contact us.


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