"...Raven Marine has been supplying commissioning and repair services for PAE/Nordhavn on new and used Nordhavns for about the last 20 years. In an industry that can be a bit flakey at times, Anthony stands out as a superstar. Anthony surrounds himself with great people and is reliable, honest, competent and does not duck and run when the going gets tough. I give him an unqualified A+."
Dan Streech, President, PAE/Nordhavn

"I’ve known Anthony Utley for approximately 25 years...I have referred everyone I’ve known with yachts to use Raven Marine, without any regrets...My experience has resulted in nothing short of absolute complete satisfaction.  I have found [everyone] at Raven to be honest, dependable, safe, organized, neat, and very professional.  The Raven Marine Team has the experience and knowledge every yacht owner desires of anyone working on their boats.  Raven Marine and their employees are a “Class Act” and they definitely put their customer’s interests at the front of the line."
Kevin G. Kidd 

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