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The American Boating & Yacht Council is a non-profit organization that develops voluntary safety standards for recreational boat design, construction, maintenance and repair.

The National Marine Electronics Association is to be a worldwide, self-sustaining organization committed to enhancing the technology and safety of electronics used in marine applications.

The American Boat Builders & Repairers Association is a national member organization dedicated to “[fostering] the trade, commerce and interests of the boat building and boat repairing yards.”

The Boating BC Association are a non-profit organization that represents the various sectors of the marine industry in British Columbia, and are the owners and driving force behind the Vancouver International Boat Show.

The British Columbia Yacht Brokers Association is a sponsor and supporter of the Certified Professional Yacht Brokers program, the industry performance standard for yacht brokers.

The Northwest Yacht Brokers Association  is a nonprofit marine trade group consisting of hundreds of marine brokers, dealers and industry related professionals. Representing the highest professional standards in the recreational boating industry. 

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